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Rapper Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife, Toya Wright, was arrested Tuesday, December 9 in College Park, Georgia for a speeding ticket she says “slipped through the cracks.”

The 30-year-old Tiny and Toya reality star was taken into custody yesterday when cops pulled over her car during a routine stop and noticed there was a warrant for her arrest for a missed court date. Toya was released around 1:30 a.m. this morning on bond.

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Toya’s manager, Corey Blackwell, spoke with Rolling Out, saying the entire ordeal was a “misunderstanding,” over “something that was paid for but that wasn’t cleared out of the system.”

Unfortunately, Toya had to spend the night in jail and miss out on husband Mickey “Memphitz” Wright’s birthday. Instead, Toya watched as prisoners were treated so “inhumanely,” that she say says she doesn’t even want to leave her house.

I wouldn't wish jail time for my worst enemy,” Toya told TMZ, adding that she now wants to use her experience to become “advocate of better treatment for prisoners.

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Source: Rolling Out/TMZ