From the moment that Evelyn Lozada graced the set of Basketball Wives, we can’t seem to stop talking about this woman. Her style, flare for the drama, and willingness to share her thoughts (as bold and brazen as they may be) has made the show the epic success that it is — and of course, we wanted to honor that.

So, how does Evelyn make Basketball Wives a great show? Here’s our top three reasons:

3. Her no-nonsense attitude.

It’s blatantly apparent that Evelyn is not the woman to mess with. Cross her the wrong way, and she’ll let you have it. Evelyn is known for not holding water in her mouth for anybody — man or woman — and her ability to speak her mind is definitely commendable.

2. Her personal growth.

When we first met Evelyn, she was a rough and tough woman from the Bronx who just didn’t care if she rubbed anyone the wrong way. As the seasons progressed, we watched as Evelyn opened up about her personal struggles and grew to be a softer, kinder, relatable human being who could still probably take you in a fight, but has the capacity to own up to her mistakes.

1. Her catch phrases.

Despite it all, we have to admit that Evelyn’s catch phrases are the absolute best. Whether she’s saying them with a smile, or a shrug, in a dress or in a rug, you are bound to hear our girl say “You’re a non-motherf—ing factor bitch,” and well it kinda just makes our night.

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