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The Braxton sisters definitely brought the drama with a side of fun on the latest episode of Braxton Family Values. On Season 3, Episode 19: “Birthday Bare-All,” Towanda, Trina, and Tamar Braxton were at the center of all the commotion.

Towanda bares all for the cameras. As a part of her 40th birthday extravaganza, Towanda has decided to take a couple photos for her own “personal collection.” The outfits include a velvet skin-tight body suit, a leather “stringy” dominatrix-like leotard, and well, her birthday suit. At first Towanda only joked that she would go nude for her 40th birthday, but after much coaxing by her friends, the 40-year-old bared her banging bod for the photos and later said she didn’t regret a thing.

Trina backs out of Towanda’s party. Trina hoped that she could launch her new business, Bar Chix, at her sister’s party, but due to a lapse in communication (when Trina went on the road with big sis Toni Braxton), the deal appeared to be falling through the cracks. Tamar suggested to Trina that she and her company back out from Towanda’s party sooner rather than later because of Towanda’s planners not handling their side of the business. Towanda, on the other hand, had already made the decision to remove Bar Chix from her party due to their inability to keep in contact with her party planners in Trina’s absence.

At the end of it all, both sisters were happy they didn’t have to hurt one another’s feelings, but Trina still felt upset by the fact that her business venture obviously wasn’t ready to launch.

Tamar feels unprepared for the party performance. Over the past three episodes, Towanda has mentioned that she wanted her sisters to do a rendition of “Be Alone Tonight” from the movie School Daze. While Tamar seemingly agreed to be a part of the performance, she’s openly talked about feeling unprepared as well as annoyed by Towanda’s lack of attendance. Finally, in last night’s episode, Tamar makes the bold decision that she would not perform with her sisters if they’re not ready.

The night of Towanda party comes, and while all sisters were asked to dress up in clothes from their favorite era, Tamar decided to not be as festive. Furthermore, when Toni decides to leave the party (in order to squeeze in some rest for her busy schedule), Tamar decides to leave shortly after, causing the remaining sisters, Trina and Traci Braxton, to wonder whether or not the performance would happen after all the practice they’d done.

Tamar “gets in her feelings.” Towanda’s party is a success — despite the performance not happening — and the sisters decide to have a get together several weeks after the party. While there, it was obvious there was an elephant in the room. As Tamar spoke about her recent successes, she noted that not all of her sisters congratulated her (aka Towanda) and finally took the time to call out her big sister on her shadiness by saying that she’s hurtful, mean, and selfish.

The gloves have officially come off and guys, we can expect a serious grudge match when Braxton Family Values returns with a new episode after the holidays.

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