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Braxton Family Values star Tamar Braxton is a woman on fire these days, with the success of her Grammy-nominated album Love and War. The new mama recently stepped out to dazzle audiences on The Queen Latifah Show with her cover of “Silent Night” off her new Christmas album, Winter Loversland.

Dressed in a glitzy all-black tuxedo jacket, denim jeans, and fabulous white stilettoes, Tay-Tay took the stage with nothing but a guitar accompaniment to give her soulful rendition of the cult Christmas classic.

While Tamar dazzled with her usual vocal acrobatics, we felt that the song may have been a little strained in some places — and it would not be a surprise. Tamar recently revealed that
she’s been having trouble with her vocals after having popped two blood vessels in her throat, and not getting enough rest for her voice since she’s been on tour with John Legend (in addition to various offshoot performances and appearances).

Well, I’m on the mend. Some days is, it’s just not there and it’s only because I didn’t give myself time to heal correctly … You know, I’m not ashamed [because] I can sing my face off at the end of the day,” she told HipHopHollywood.

From the sound of this performance, Tamar seems to be back on the mend, but we can only hope that our three-time Grammy nominee gets a lot of rest during the remainder of Holiday season.

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