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If you’re a Braxton Family Values junkie like us, then you’re probably caught up on the ongoing feud between Tamar and Towanda Braxton. The sisters have been trying to hash out their issues in the past few episodes, but things don’t look optimistic. So, will Tamar and Towanda put an end to their bitter feud?

Well, surprise surprise: It looks like these two sister have finally made up!

Both Tay-Tay and Wanda posted photos to Instagram during the airing of last night’s episode, “#Wack #Family,” to prove that these two have moved on from their shouting match.

Credit: Instagram

“We fight hard but LOVE even harder! Bye haters!! #BFV #sisterlove #loveIsThickerThanWater @tamarbraxtonher,” Towanda captioned the photo of Tamar planting a big red kiss on her older sister. Tamar reposted the pic with the caption “#BFV right now on @wetv...🙋...for all you(so called)Psychologists who know EVERYTHING about "Sister Love" #loveandwar.”

Aww! We’re happy that Tamar and Towanda seem to have gotten over their bad hump — after all, “love it thicker than water.”

Then again, these are the Braxton sisters we’re talking about, so it’s reasonable to say that we should enjoy this moment while it lasts!

Do you think Tamar and Towanda have finally ended their feud for good? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Instagram