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After Nelly and Ashanti were spotted together at a Super Bowl party, rumors are swirling that the on-again, off-again lovers are rekindling their relationship after more than a year apart. The only hiccup is that, up until a week before the big game, it kinda seemed like Nelly might be dating Lashontae Heckard. Now that’s a dilemma.

Lashontae, a model who appeared in Nelly’s 2005 “Grillz” music video, posted an Instagram video of Nelly sexy-dancing in the kitchen for her a couple months ago, and some have speculated that the guy in this picture is the “Hot in Herre” hitmaker. We’re not so sure, though — shouldn’t we be able to see his tattoos?

Sitting next to your ex at a party doesn’t necessarily mean you’re back together, but if we were Tae and Nelly was our boo, we would definitely want an explanation. Nelly and Ashanti had a long but rocky relationship, spanning almost ten years, so there’s a lot of history there.

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In a December radio interview, Ashanti denied she and Nelly had reconciled, saying, “He put a couple of scars on me. We’ve definitely scarred each other it’s safe to say.”

Well, they do say time heals all wounds. What do you think — are Nelly and Ashanti flipping that switch to “on” again, or were they just being friendly?

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