Credit: Wendy Williams Show

Wendy Williams is about to become a part of pop culture history! The outspoken talk show host has donated some iconic memorabilia from her show to be displayed at the Smithsonian in exchange for a little slice of immortality.

The National Museum of American History’s pop culture collection will soon showcase some cherished items from her dressing room and set. Among the items to be included in the display: Wendy’s light-up “How you doin’” diva fan, her sparkly pink “Ask Wendy” microphone and, of course, one of her amazing wigs. She also included the sexy purple Tadashi Shoji dress and slingback Louboutins from her first promo shoot.

Wendy was visibly moved as she announced that her wares would be housed in the D.C. museum. Hers is the first such display in the exhibit for a talk show.

"This is such an amazing honor. I'm not sure anything in my life has ever compared to it,” Wendy gushed to the New York Daily News about the honor of her clothes and memorabilia setting up house in the same collection as Dorothy’s ruby slippers and Harry Potter’s cloak.

“I’m thrilled to bits that one of America’s most revered institutions — that I went to as a child! — deems me worthy enough to preserve this little bit of history for everyone to share.”

Source: People, New York Daily News