Tami Roman seems like a TV natural, but that’s no surprise to us given the fact that Basketball  Wives isn’t exactly her first reality rodeo. Her initial foray into TV land was on Real World: Los Angeles in 1993. But did savvy Viggle LIVE! users know where Tami learned to stop being polite and start getting real?

Turns out they’re pretty up on their Roman history! More than half — 55 percent — correctly guessed that Tami appeared in the show’s second season in L.A., while 37 percent thought it was the show’s first season in New York. Only 8 percent of Viggle users thought Tami was part of the sinful Las Vegas cast.

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As longtime Real World fans know, Tami’s no stranger to drama. Her season saw one resident, David, get evicted after pulling Tami’s blankets off of her while she was in bed wearing only her underwear. During her time on the show, Tami also belonged to an R&B group appropriately called “Reality.” She’s a woman of many talents!

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