Don’t you dare call Gabrielle Union a victim — she’s a survivor. The 41-year-old recently engaged star stopped by The View on February 24 and discussed being raped at gunpoint at the age of 19. She says the harrowing incident made her want to “embrace being a survivor” and take back her power rather than don the “cloak of victimhood.”

Gabrielle was working at Payless Shoes at the time of the incident, which occurred during a store robbery. In addition to seeing her assailant sent to prison for 33 years, she also won a negligence suit against her employer in relation to the case.

“Being a victim is so comfortable,” she reflects. “It makes you lazy.” And as fans well know, Gabrielle is anything but lazy. With a degree in sociology from UCLA and a successful acting career, she’s overcome a traumatic life event that could have destroyed many women’s resolve.

The Being Mary Jane star’s strong, defiant attitude in the face of adversity might have something to do with her upbringing. “I wasn’t raised to be coddled,” she shares. “I was raised to be an independent woman, standing on my own two feet, and that’s the road I opted to take.”

What do you make of Gabrielle’s triumph over her traumatic past?

Source: Us Weekly

Credit: AOL Photo: Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Being Raped at Gunpoint (VIDEO)