50 Cent clearly had too much free time on his hands this weekend and decided to make some questionable choices online. Specifically, the “Candy Shop” rapper hinted that fellow rappers and longtime rivals Diddy and Rick Ross are, in fact, gay.

For the record, we don’t give a hoot about who Rick or Diddy like to diddy in their personal time. But the internet? The internet cares.

50 Cent posted two Instagram photos on March 2 — one of Diddy looking to almost lock lips with Rick Ross and then another where former record executive Steve Stoute embraces Diddy from behind. 50 Cent captioned the split, “I ain’t saying nothing, but something ain’t right. Lmao #smsaudio.”

The photos have since been removed from his account, we hope because 50 Cent realized calling someone “gay” isn’t an insult.

Unfortunately, however, we kinda doubt he had that type of breakthrough particularly when it comes to Diddy and Rick. A verbal war has been raging among these three entertainers for years, reports The Daily Mail, with Diddy and 50 supposedly fighting outside the BET Hip Hop Awards back in 2011.

Unfortunately, the battle has now moved online though we hope this’ll be the last of any homophobic messages.

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Credit: NDN Photo: 50 Cent Retreats After Suggesting Diddy and Rick Ross Are Gay (VIDEO)
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