Credit: John Sciulli

Better not tell Madea! The entertainer behind the flowered house dress, Tyler Perry, has been sued, according to And the famously irate elderly lady with the sassy point of view is involved too!

Forty-seven-year-old Lisa Daniels filed a civil suit against Tyler on February 5 in a Georgia superior courthouse. In the suit, she claims 44-year-old Tyler stole the idea for his play Madea Gets A Job directly from her. As such, she’s seeking compensation for theft of a literary piece and/or play, says Radar.

According to the court documents as obtained by the site, Lisa claims she was “the sole creator” of Madea Gets A Job.

“This literary piece was featured in the form of a Tyler Perry play,” she adds. “This play had the same title that my play had, and this play had similar themes as my play.”

Turns out all of this explanation is handwritten because, as Lisa notes, her “poverty” means she can’t afford to file a more traditional civil case. She lists her monthly household income as $569, a number she obviously hopes to see increase soon. Lisa is seeking no less than 40 percent of all earnings from Tyler’s movie of the play.

What do you think? Does she have a shot at actually cashing in?


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