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If you’re a Lil’ Mo superfan, then you must’ve noticed that there’s been quite a few changes to her Instagram page — most notably the addition of pics of boxer Karl Dugan. The singer has posted numerous Facetime photos of the athlete, even naming him her “Man Crush Monday” for several Mondays. Obviously, fans started to get the idea that Lil’ Mo and her husband, Phillip Bryant, have split and that the singer has found someone new, but are the rumors true?

Well, the singer did post a textgram to Instagram on Friday with this message: “Let me explain. In due time. Nothing JUST happens. In due time, the truth...MY truth will unfold. It hurt at first, but iAm healed!! Beleedat.

Credit: Instagram

And if that didn’t answer your questions, the singer also spoke with The Jasmine Brand about her relationship, saying, “I can finally say that my children and I are VERY happy. And the tea will be spilled on season 2 of R&B Divas LA.

Hmm… it appears that Lil’ Mo is pretty ecstatic about her life right now. As a matter of fact, she posted Karl as her “MCM” yet again, and this time with the caption:

“MCM. Aka my FACETIME!! When a hood n— LOVE you and allllll the [s—] you come with and don't JUDGE you. And don't ASK nor try to EASE his way on YOUR SHOW and loves his MOMMY and his MOMMY loves YOU and his whole family LOVES you for YOU not the artist, you damn right I'll give all this up for the LOVE. But he said DON'T give UP, just give US a try. Mannnnn listen. I'll kill for this ONE here!!” adding that the rest of her “story will be explained on season 2 of #rbdivasla.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re totally ready to hear what Lil’ Mo has to tell us!

Source: Instagram/The Jasmine Brand