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Actress and mom Kyla Pratt has been pretty secretive when it comes to family life. The mother of two shocked fans in 2011 when she revealed she had a daughter and then shocked fans again this past February when it was revealed she gave birth to a second kid in August 2013. Now the mom of two is finally given the world a look at BOTH of her precious bundles!

This past Monday, Kyla took to Instagram to post her “reason” for doing what she does: a photo of 3-year-old daughter Lyric and her 8-month-old baby girl (with boyfriend Danny Kirkpatrick) sitting on a giant Easter bunny.

Credit: Instagram


Kyla’s still cautious about publicly sharing her family life, and has yet to reveal the name of her new baby girl, but we’re just glad we finally get a peek at the adorable bambino. Even daddy Danny couldn’t hide his sweet little girl and posted a photo of the baby giving a gum-filled smile. 

Credit: Instagram

“About that Smile My momma said I sho kno how to make some Pretty babies Wuzup Pretty How u get So Pretty??? #KirkPatrickCamp My #POV #RightNow,” Danny captioned the pic.

Kyla recently said in an interview that she kept her pregnancies quiet because it was something “personal that I wanted to experience and enjoy myself,” adding that social media was a key factor since “people easily able to reach you and easily able to say what the way want to you without consequences.

Hopefully, social media only had good things about this kids. They’re just too cute!

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Sources: Kyla Pratt on Instagram, Danny Kirkpatrick on Instagram