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If we know one thing about singer and R&B Divas LA star Lil’ Mo, it’s that she’s upfront about her life. The singer revealed she and her husband of six years, Phillip Bryant, are over and that she’s moved on to her new boo, Karl Dargan. The songstress has been extremely vocal about marriage being in the cards for these two, but have they already hopped the broom?

In a new video Lil’ Mo posted to her Instagram, Carl grabs her face with his hands and there on his ring finger appears to be a band. Could it be a wedding band?

We’re not entirely sure. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Lil’ Mo said that she and Phillip filed for divorce, but her ex was dragging his feet in completing the paperwork. Since then, Lil’ Mo hasn’t made any mention of the divorce being finalized though she did say from the moment she and her husband separated, for her the marriage was over.

We also learned Lil’ Mo and her new beau recently exchanged what appears to be promise rings (though Mo says marriage is “GOING to happen”). That promise ring could very well be the ring Carl is rocking on his finger.

Credit: Instagram

The duo revealed that they got these matching rings on their joint Instagram page. “Because THEY felt like it!! BFF @dynamiteko and @thelilmoshow #loveTOKEN #familyFIRST #unbreakable #nonSTOP #rightHAND #love,” reads the caption. The new page follows the couple’s lovable moments —  maybe this page will give us some insight on when these two will tie the knot!

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