Credit: Instagram Photo: Faith Evans' Son, Christopher Wallace Jr. Graduates High School

Congratulations are in order, guys! Christopher Wallace Jr, son of the the late Notorious B.I.G. and former R&B Divas Atlanta star Faith Evans just graduated high school. As you can imagine, his mama is beyond proud!

“My first born son @cj_toa & I #proud,” Faith captioned a photo where she stands next to her son, who goes by Cee Jay.

In another photo, mama Faith was able to catch her son walk across the stage to receive his diploma from the Saint Margarita Catholic High School this past week.

Credit: Twitter

Cee Jay’s dad, Christopher Wallace Sr., aka Biggie Smalls, died during a tragic shootout in Los Angeles back in 1997. Cee Jay was just a year old when he lost his dad. However, we have no doubt that if Biggie was alive today, he’d be massively proud of his boy. 

Not only did Christopher play a younger version of his old man in the 2009 film, Notorious, he’s also just as interested in music as his parents are. However, Christopher has succeeded his father by being the first and only Wallace man to get a high school diploma.

“Yung boi made it,” Cee Jay tweeted. And that he did.

Congratulations, Christopher Jr.!

Source: Faith Evans on Instagram, Christopher Wallace Jr. on Twitter