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Braxton Family Values star Trina Braxton has been throwing fans for a loop these past couple months. After TMZ reported our gal Trina filed divorce papers (which she later confirmed in Season 3B of the hit WE TV show), Trina seems to have had a change of heart.

It all started when Trina started posted photos of herself with her soon-to-be ex, Gabe Solis. Of course, it’s not completely unnatural for a woman to take photos with her would-be ex husband — especially since the two are amicably co-parenting Trina’s two sons and run the BarChix business together. But quite a few recent photos of the two have made fans pretty suspicious at how “friendly” this divorce is; Trina’s latest post pretty much verified what everyone was thinking:

Credit: Instagram

That’s right, guys. Trina and Gabe have a new joint Twitter account.

Hey Boom Boom's make sure you follow the new @trinaandgabe on Twitter & Instagram,” she captioned the pic. Oh, and that’s not all. On Trina and Gabe’s joint page, there’s a photo of the two smooching it up.

Credit: Instagram

As we’d previously heard, Gabe was nowhere near ready to give up on his marriage, saying that he would not agree to a divorce because there were still love between the two — and from the looks of that photo, he was right!

So does this mean Trina and Gabe are back on? Guess we’ll have to see what these two crazy lovebirds are up to when Braxton Family Values returns to WE TV with Season 4!

Are you happy to see Trina and Gabe working on their marriage… again? Sound off in the comments below!

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