After all the fuss and muss of Master P’s ongoing custody battle with ex-wife Sonya Miller, the rapper lost custody of all four children on June 9. The reason? He didn’t show up in court.

For those who haven’t kept up, the divorce between Master P and Sonya has been an ugly one, with his estranged spouse claiming she’s completely broke — despite the couple’s rumored fortune of over $200 million. The reason the rapper, real name Percy Miller, won’t budge on the money is that he doesn’t want his wife to have it until she’s clean of alcohol and drugs.

Despite all that, Master P didn’t attend the court hearing today, causing the judge to rule in favor of Sonya. She was awarded sole custody of their four underage children: Hercy, 13; Mercy, 9; Tytyana, 17; and Italy, 14.

In addition to losing custody of his children, Percy is now required to pay his ex’s entire $75K legal bill, which was increased when he didn’t appear for the scheduled hearing. We have to wonder: Why go through all that mess in the press only to miss the important court date?

Master P has yet to release a statement explaining his decision, but we’re most curious to see what son Romeo Miller, 24, will think of it all. The second-generation rapper has said recently that his mom has to “be a better parent,” while his younger brothers and sisters said on tape that they wanted to stay with their dad. So what happened?

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Source: TMZ