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Guys, we’re really starting to get worried for our gal, Tiny Harris. She seems to have it all, but something has definitely got her down and (in proper fashion) she took to Instagram to get in her feelings.

As you know, this past Memorial Day weekend, Tiny’s husband, rapper T.I., got into a pretty epic scuffle with her friend, boxer Floyd Mayweather, at Fatburger in Vegas. Since then, the media has come down pretty hard on Tiny for her rumored involvement in the situation. Growing tired of what was said about her, as well as serious commentary over statements Tiny may or may not have made, the singer took to IG to set it straight.

Credit: Instagram

“Life can be a bitch sometimes,” Tiny started in her May 27 post. “People say all manner of things about you and then say things you didn’t say. Then there are the things you do say. One thing for sure, I have not made any recent statements to any blogs.”

Well, that should clear a few things up, including the rumor that Tiny completely sided with Floyd post-Fatburger fight.

Since posting this statement on Instagram, Tiny hasn’t publicly spoken about anything related to her husband, while T.I. has asked people to “mind ya bizness.”

Sigh. Hopefully things turn around for Tiny and T.I. soon.

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Source: Tiny Harris on Instagram