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Have you heard the news that Basketball Wives L.A. star Draya Michele and her NBA boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick, called it quits? Yeah, well so has Draya and guys, she’s none too happy with the news circulating the web.

It all started when one website reported that the reality star and her special guy may have broken up after grabbing some Instagram posts Draya made last night (which have since been deleted) insinuating things weren’t great between them. Whether or not Draya wrote the posts for herself or for those in a similar situation, Draya wasn’t pleased about reading about her relationship — and took to Instagram to express it.

“I read the blogs just like you and get the same reaction. Like… really?... Wow… I didn’t know any of that stuff about myself,” Draya posted in a textgram she captioned, “Everything u read isn't the truth. And we all know, a publicity stunt isn't needed for ratings. #haveaniceday.”

Credit: Instagram

Hopefully that means that Draya and Orlando are still on track to being a happy couple who are just as in love as ever!

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Source: Draya Michele on Instagram