It’s been some time since we last heard about Flavor Flav giving the law any trouble, but it looks like the hype man caused quite a stir this past Fourth of July weekend. According to

Las Vegas Review-Journal, Flavor Flav received several citations for illegally setting off thousands of dollars worth of fireworks outside his Las Vegas home.

For some of us, shooting a couple fireworks into the air is the ultimate way of celebrating July 4th, but in some states, it’s illegal to have them. As it turns, Flavor Flav has been illegally putting on his own fireworks display since 2009.

This year, however, a neighbor called the police complaining about the racket Flavor’s light show caused. When cops arrived on the scene, they gave the former reality show star two fireworks-related citations as well as confiscated over 100 pounds of fireworks at the rapper’s residence.

So is this end of Flavor Flav’s light show? Not quite. While the rapper did say he “didn’t want to go to prison” over a bunch of fireworks, he also added that he planned to take it somewhere else next year.

“It isn’t like I do this every day,” he said.

Do you think Flavor Flav should take his fireworks somewhere else or just cut it out altogether? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal