Credit: Instagram Photo: R&B Divas LA Lil' Mo

We all know that R&B Divas L.A. star and singer Lil’ Mo isn’t one to hold her tongue when it comes to…  about damn near anything. And this past weekend, the Baltimore native wasn’t shy about airing her feelings on Instagram over an encounter with legendary singer Prince that ended with her being shoved by security. While the whole thing left a bad taste in her mouth, it inadvertently started an all-out war between the two musicians, and, of course, their respective fans.

It all started when Lil’ Mo attended the 20th annual Essence Music Festival this past Independence Day weekend in New Orleans. According to the singer, she was minding her own business roaming backstage at the festival, when she was prevented from going into the restroom because Prince was making his way to the stage.

Y’all have NO idea how these celebs be actin. and I’m not gonna eem bother they ass. i had to pee I’m real life,” she wrote, adding,“I was pushed in my stomach cuz somebody was coming through. i just want to sing and take care of MY family. f—k all this EXTRA unnecessary s—t dawg.” Mo went on to say the male diva had no hits on the radio and used the infamous Kermit the Frog meme to say that the singer couldn’t even hit his notes!

Credit: Instagram/Twitter

It appears Prince’s fans weren’t having it with Mo’s comments; they all came down on the singer with a fury, questioning her relevance and calling her a “washed up NON R&B DIVA.” As for the legendary symboled artist, well, he took to Twitter with some shady tweets of his own, before deleting them all. But he did leave this one Twitpic gem:

“WINNER OF THE CAPTION THIS PICTURE THANG: ‘I hope she know, none of her clothes match.’”

Credit: Instagram/Twitter

Most fans immediately associated the photo with his gripe with Lil’ Mo, and it appears she did too, since she responded with another meme of her own.

“The Scarlet Letter Album Will Be In Story This Fall. U Don’t Match and Still Mad? None of My Business,” read yet another Kermit the Frog meme. Sigh. Can’t we all just get along?

Do you think Lil’ Mo was wrong to comment on her encounter with Prince? Sound off in the comments below!

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