Credit: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Few relationships have gotten the kind of coverage of T.I. and Tiny’s. These two not only have a reality TV series to keep the public in the loop about their love life, they sing about it too! So when Tiny released her new single, “What the F—k You Go Do?”, earlier this summer it seemed pretty clear that her explicit lyrics about an absent man were all about her on-again, off-again lover.

T.I.’s kept pretty quiet about what he makes of the personal song — until now. So what’s he got to say? A whole lotta nothin'.

“No reaction,” T.I. told MTV News when asked about the single. That’s not much more than what he gave during an interview: “I think it’s wonderful that people like it.”

MTV didn’t give up, though, asking if Tiny ran the number by her man before releasing it to the world. “Nah. She asked me and I said, ‘Nah. I don’t wanna. I’ll wait [to see it] with the rest of the public,’” he replied. “I mean… I’ve been hearing very, very good things about it [from] people in the community, just saying that it’s a lot better than the stuff they’ve been hearing lately so that’s good.” Very diplomatic, dude.

We have to give it to T.I.: Sounds like he’s making peace at home a top priority and letting his lady do what she thinks best professionally!

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