Brandi Glanville Urges Girls to “Just Say No 2 Taken Men” — Here’s Why!
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Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Urges Girls to “Just Say No 2 Taken Men” — Here’s Why!

As you probably know, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville was married to Eddie Cibrian until he started a relationship with country star LeAnn Rimes. Now, it appears that Brandi's friend has recently gone through a similar ordeal and Brandi is ready to get revenge!

Brandi took to Twitter on January 19 to announce that her friend's husband just cheated on her with a teenager. "My beautiful gf from the North Coast just caught her husband with the 19-year-old nanny," Brandi tweets. "Four kids... I want to MURDER him! Fking men!!"

"Men, please tell me why, if you have a beautiful happy family, you just can't find a way to be with the one woman that created that family with you??" Brandi continues. "I want to put his fking name on Twitter, but I love his wife & family too much. I'm the last gf she told cuz she knew I would lose it! #murder."

Finally, Brandi was able to calm down once she spent some time with her own kids. "I have to take a break from this crazy to give my little men showers & properly teach them how to treat women," she writes. "P.S. gals just say no 2 taken men." At first, we read that as Brandi telling girls to say no to men who were in the movie Taken 2, and we were like, "What's wrong with Liam Neeson?"

Do you think Brandi is right to be upset about her friend's plight? Or should Brandi not have revealed so much about her friend's marriage?

Source: Brandi on Twitter