Usher Gives Justin Bieber Life Advice: “Don’t F—k It Up”
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Usher Gives Justin Bieber Life Advice: “Don’t F—k It Up”

When Usher talks, you listen. Or at least we hope that’s true for Justin Bieber. The Biebs, of course, owes his monumental success in large part to his music mentor. Taking a cue from Usher has served the 19-year-old well, propelling him from Canadian cutie to international superstar in just a few years. But will Justin listen to Usher’s latest critique?

In the Biebs’s upcoming money-making venture, the movie Believe (due out Christmas Day 2013), Usher gives his protégé a little life advice: “When I first met you, I told you [that] you could have all of this if you believe in it. Now it’s happened. Don’t f—k it up.”

He’s not kidding either. Usher delivers the advice in a super solemn tone while looking directly into the camera, a serious moment only lightened by the sweater hes got on. Taking fashion advice from Bill Cosby are we?

Usher may have had some of the Biebs’s latest antics in mind during his serious interview. After all, Justin hasn’t exactly laid low in recent months. He’s been caught peeing into a mop bucket and mocking former President Bill Clinton. More recently, fans snapped photos of the teen star being carried up the Great Wall of China by his entourage.

On one hand, Justin is a 19-year-old kid who likes to have a good time. On the other, he’s a 19-year-old adult with the world at his fingertips and money to burn. #popprinceproblems

Think Justin will listen to Usher or keep goofing off? Sound off in the comments below. Life advice welcome.

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