Credit: Instagram

For those who never believed there could be any more backlash over a haircut than what happened to Felicity, Beyonce, and J-Law, we give you UsherHairGate. Apparently, the “OMG” singer’s mom and a few friends have been so over his new, longer Bruno Mars-ish afro that they have begun an (albeit rather informal) petition to get the pop star to cut his locks.

The photo from Instagram reads, “We the people united declare that you, Usher Raymond IV, must cut that hair off. Now. Yesterday.” The first name on the petition was Usher’s mother, Joanetta Patton.

Credit: Instagram

In response, Usher told people to stop getting their panties in a bunch, writing, “Relax'll get what you want on Sunday.”

The Voice coach — who is coming back to his swivel chair for the spring season along with Latin sensation Shakira –– has a super legit reason for growing out his mane. He was reprising the role of boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard in the 1970s based biopic Hands Of Stone. The film, which will hit theaters later this year, features a star-studded cast, including Robert De Niro, Ellen Barkin, and Edgar Ramirez.

Instagram fans seem to be torn, with some telling him to stick with the longer locks. Others are glad to see the style go the way of The Bieber.

What do you think –– should Usher’s long hair stay or go? Sound off in the comments!