With eight Grammys to his name and a host of other accomplishments, Usher’s professional stature is at least 11 feet tall. However, in terms of physical stature, the “Without You” singer is relatively short at just 5-foot-7. (That’s without one of the hats from his impressive collection of headwear, by the way.)

We recently quizzed our pals on Viggle LIVE! to see where they stood on the charming coach’s height. Turns out, nearly half — 48 percent, to be exact — thought the diminutive singer was taller than he is at 5-foot-8, while 36 percent correctly guessed 5-foot-7. The remaining 15 percent guessed a super short 5-foot-6.

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Usher is actually the shortest of the male coaches, with Sexiest Man Alive Adam Levine standing tall at 6 feet and Blake Shelton towering above them both at 6-foot-5. Meanwhile, Shakira may look to be around the same height as Ush, but she’s actually a petite 5-foot-2. Though her hips don’t lie, her stilettos certainly fudge the truth!

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