Usher’s Ex Wife on Her Son’s Accident, Her Questionable Mental State (VIDEO)
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Usher’s Ex Wife on Her Son’s Accident, Her Questionable Mental State (VIDEO)

Few can understand the panic Tameka Foster Raymond went through when she received the phone call from her ex husband, Usher, saying that their 5-year-old son had nearly drowned in his pool last week. Not only was the experience traumatic, but after losing her son Kile in a jet skiing accident last year, this mom is understandably on edge.

These extreme emotions led Tameka to call an emergency custody hearing in which she begging the judge to let her take her two sons home. After being denied that right, Tameka decided to give an in-depth interview with Good Morning America on August 14 where she talked about her feelings following the incident and her on-going custody battle with her famous ex.

“I was mad because I was like, ‘How did this happen? Who was watching him? Why was my son underwater for nearly 3 minutes?’” she told the reporter.

At the time, Usher was away and his aunt and the maid were supposed to be watching his son. But Usher Raymond V got his arm stuck in the pool’s drain and was trapped in the water until two workers were able to get him to safety and administer CPR.

“I didn’t blame [Usher] for it, I just was angry that it happened on his watch,” Tameka admitted. “Because while accidents happen, never have my children been injured on my watch.”

Tameka even claims that she’s not seeking the primary custody that was granted to Usher last year.

She just wants the judge to rule that “when he is not present, the kids come home to their mom. They don’t stay home with the nanny and watch whatever show he’s on. They come home to their mother.”

While this all seems pretty reasonable, the reporter did bring up the fact that Tameka’s results of her psych test said she had a “moderately severe mental disorder,” which was a big contributing factor to the original ruling.

“I’m going to be retested,” she said. “I mean, you would think from hearing that, that’s like, ‘Wow, she must be cutting the kids or beating them excessively or smoking crack.’ It is hurtful sometimes because it’s so far from the truth. You’re talking about a woman that had her own career and to be reduced to some baby mama that’s bitter and a gold digger, that’s hurtful.”

We’re not sure if Tameka will come out with a different result when she takes the test again, but the former couple is heading for a retrial on August 27.

Do you think Tameka should be allowed to take care of her sons when Usher is unavailable? Tell us below!

Source: Good Morning America

08.14.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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