Val Chmerkovskiy Gets 14 Stitches After Dancing With the Stars 2013 Injury
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Val Chmerkovskiy Gets 14 Stitches After Dancing With the Stars 2013 Injury

Whether or not Val Chmerkovskiy and partner Zendaya take home the Mirror Ball tonight, Val’s already a champ in our minds. Wetpaint Entertainment has exclusive details on the cut Val received in rehearsals… and how he braved through it to dance in last night’s Dancing With the Stars finals.

While rehearsing earlier in the day yesterday (May 20), Zendaya accidentally elbowed Val in the face, causing a gash above his eyebrow. “Well, that’s going to leave a mark,” he tweeted. But it was no laughing matter. We’re told the cut continued to bleed so much in the next few hours, producers wanted to send Val to the hospital and have another pro dance with Zendaya that night. Val, however, refused.

A doctor was then called to the set who applied butterfly bandages to close the wound as much as possible for the time being. And we’re told Val’s big brother Maks loyally played nurse. Maks tweeted updates on Val's injury throughout the night. He tweeted: "Love him so much!" Aw!

In between dances, Val’s cut was iced and immediately after the show, we’re told he was taken straight to plastic surgeon Dr. Rady Raman. The end result? Fourteen stitches: nine internal and five external. Yikes!

We’re pretty sure Val’s going to wake up with a major headache this morning. Still, he seems determined to dance again tonight. And he seems to have his sense of humor intact. “But for real tho,” he tweeted. “#Stillpretty.”

We’ll never argue that.

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