Vampire Diaries Music: Songs From Season 3, Episode 16, “1912”?
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Music: Songs From Season 3, Episode 16, “1912”?

Between Stefan (Paul Wesley) biting a girl’s head off and Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Matt (Zach Roerig) playing 7 Minutes in Heaven in Meredith’s (Torrey DeVitto) closet, The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 16, “1912” was full of intense moments. And that doesn’t even begin to describe the twist at the end. Say it with us now: Poor Alaric (Matt Davis). The magnificent music man of Mystic Falls, Chris Mollere, scored the pulse-pounding episode with fantastic songs as usual. Re-listen to them below!

Source: Chris Mollere’s Twitter

Song: “Be the Song”

Artist: Foy Vance


When inner scars, show on your face, and darkness hides, your sense of place, well I won't speak, I will refrain and be the song, just be the song. flow down all my mountains, darlin' fill my valleys

Music moment: Elena and Alaric say they’ll take care of each other

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Song: "Don't Owe You A Thang"

Artist: Gary Clark Jr.


Well I ain't got no money. No fancy car. Ain't got no excuses baby. Hanging at the bar. I don't owe you a thing baby I don't owe you a thing Oh we ain't getting married. I ain't buying you a diamond ring. That's alright! Ain't got no credit. No fancy clothes. Ain't got no excuses baby, But good man knows...
This all you get now baby, this all you get.

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Song: "Let's Dance"

Artist: Gods of Macho


When she crawls at your feet, oh, my heart, oh the juice of love, making out on the couch, put a record on, let's dance, oh yeah, dance, baby, dance baby dance

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Song: "Snakeskin Heart"

Artist: Black Daniel

Song: "Black Magic"

Artist: Magic Wands


There is a crescent key, that locks a hole in the door, into the pit of your heart, the future is the reward, white light my time has come, all night out on the run from black magic, black magic, black
black magic, Give me the final piece, that holds the puzzles end, of all the billions of stars, that are the dreams of your friends, how could anybody feel the same, how could anybody feel the same, black magic

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Song: "How It Starts"

Artist: The Features


Give a little bit of your love to me, Put it right there on my cheek, Give a little bit your love to me, That's all I really need, You could save me, Keep me from harm. I'll be your baby. Take me in your arms. That's how it starts. That's how it starts. That's how it starts. Give a little bit of your love to me. Gimme something I can keep. Give a little bit of your love to me. We've got possibilities. If you need me, I will run And completely Thy will be done. That's how it starts.

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Song: "The Argument"

Artist: Aidan Hawken

Music moment: Elena and Matt talk about the Salvatores, Alaric comes home


Place your heart with anyone, don't fear god or love, don't fear god or love, and you can't say it's alright, baby, baby, can't say it's alright, chase the love that's in your room, take turns screaming back and forth, and there's nothing we can do, it's the last word, so the argument goes, so the argument goes

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