‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap: The Heretics Steal Elena\'s Body, Caroline Gets Shot!
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The Vampire Diaries

‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap: The Heretics Steal Elena’s Body, Caroline Gets Shot!


The Vampire Diaries continues its compelling Season 7 with another face-off between Team Salvatore and Team Heretic. Last week, the prize up for grabs was Mystic Falls. This week, it’s Caroline Forbes, and neither side is going down without a fight.


Here are the seven craziest moments from Season 7, Episode 2 (“Never Let Me Go”).


7. Alaric is still trying to bring Jo back from the dead.


Alaric Saltzman has some super evil rock called The Phoenix Stone with which he wants to resurrect Jo. Bonnie Bennett tries to convince him to drop it in a vat of acid, but, of course, he doesn’t. Dude has his dead wife on ice. He’s not going to give up so easily.

Coincidentally, this is also the stone Lily was looking for last week when she visited Enzo in NYC. Maybe the stone come in handy in brokering another deal with the Heretics — which is great because things are going from bad to worse in that ongoing battle.

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6. Team Heretic still has Caroline.


Remember how Enzo kidnapped Caroline in last week’s premiere? Well, the Heretics still have her and she spends much of the episode being Mary Louise and Nora’s play thing. We learn a bit more about the dynamics of Team Heretic. For example, Mary Louise and Nora really don’t get along with Valerie...


5. Valerie hearts Stefan.

When Valerie casts a vervain-skin spell on Caroline, it seems like she is being nice to the Care Bear just to thwart her sisters. Nora later reveals, however, that Valerie was actually doing it as part of her ongoing bid to court Stefan Salvatore. Turns out they met in 1906. Stefan even wrote a glowing review of Valerie in his diary — a passage Valerie has bookmarked like a crazy woman. Yep, this is the Heretic equivalent of Facebook stalking.

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4. Bonnie stops Matt’s heart.


And not in a romantic way. In a “She Actually Kills Him For 10 Seconds” kind of way. Poor, Matt Donovan. How many times has he died at this point? Is someone keeping track?


Anyway, the heart-stoppage is necessary because Lily compelled Matt into signing the deed to the Salvatore house and un-inviting Damon Salvatore and Stefan in. Matt needs to die so that Damon and can break in and rescue Caroline. Unfortunately, Matt’s heart-stoppage isn’t as temporary as Bonnie planned. When she goes to re-start Matt’s heart, she gets some kind of flash from the stone and Matt ends up dead for nearly six minutes.


It works out, we suppose, but Matt doesn’t necessarily see it that way. He’s sick of almost-dying for Team Salvatore (and his feeling are pretty understandable). Matt’s seemingly inevitable coup is put off yet again, however, when Bonnie convinces him that they need to fight the Heretics if Mystic Falls is ever going to return to its heyday. (It’s unclear when Mystic Falls’ heyday was exactly. It seems like the population of this town has always been getting supernaturally picked off.)

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3. Enzo doesn’t want to be Lily’s child.


In a maybe-unexpected move, Enzo admitted to Lily that he doesn’t want her to see him as another child. He wants to be something else. Lily seems totally open to the idea. (Who knows when it was since she’s been romanced?) But it’s unclear if Enzo is really into Lily or if this is some kind of larger ploy to gain power in the family.


Frankly, Lily is a total catch, but who knows what’s going through Enzo’s brain. He seemed to be torn up about the way Team Heretic was treating Caroline, flinching as her screams of pain rang out through the house, but this two things are not mutually exclusive. Is Enzo playing the long con or is he really devoted to Lily? Too soon to tell.


2. Lily steals Elena’s coffin — and convinces Damon to leave town.


You’d think Damon might keep Elena Gilbert somewhere safer or, I don’t know, hidden, but not so much. Which is why it’s so easy for the Heretics to snatch the body and cloak it. Now, Damon has to do whatever they want and, what they want is for him to get as far away from Mystic Falls as possible.


Of course, Damon acquiesces — but not without having a quick strategy sesh with his bro. After Lily mentions how she used to take Damon’s toy soldiers away from him as a punishment when he was a boy, he realizes Lily is trying to drive a wedge between the brothers. But it won’t work. Their bro-love is too strong.


And thus a plan is hatched! Stefan will pretend to be mad at Damon, complaining to his mother in an attempt to lull her into a false sense of security. Meanwhile, Damon will look for the sixth Heretic, Oscar, currently out of town on an “errand.” If Damon captures Oscar, then Team Salvatore can trade him for Elena and Caroline.

Frankly, this could all be settled with a massive Mystic Falls-wide game of Capture the Flag. We look forward to the inevitable moment when Lily agrees to trade either Elena OR Caroline for Oscar and she actually succeeds at turning these two brothers against one another.

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW    

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1. Three years in the future, Caroline is engaged — and shot through the chest.


In this week’s flash-forward to three years from now, we get a glimpse into Caroline’s life. She is a high-powered TV producer living in Dallas and rocking at her job (of course). We learn she is engaged to not-Stefan and that she cannot return to Mystic Falls.


In the final moments of the episode, Caroline ignores a desperate phone call from Stefan that would have probably warned her about the crossbow-wielding enemy who was after Damon and Stefan in the season premiere flash forward. The woman manages to shoot Caroline with an arrow right through the chest, which does not bode well for our girl. What is going on with these flash forwards?! They are so mysterious and compelling. Well played, TVD. We are here for this Season 7 storyline on so many levels.


The Vampire Diaries Season 7 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


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