‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap For Season 7, Episode 4: “I Carry Your Heart With Me”
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The Vampire Diaries

‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap For Season 7, Episode 4: “I Carry Your Heart With Me”


Tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries kept romance at its center in some even more-than-usual tangible ways by highlighting just how far these characters will go for the people they are in love with. For Stefan Salvatore and Caroline Forbes, they will leverage Heretics against one another for the chance to touch again. For Damon Salvatore, he will literally bring someone back from the dead to secure Elena Gilbert’s body. And, for Alaric Saltzman, he will bring his own love back from the dead — no matter the consequences.

Here were the seven biggest developments from Season 7 Episode 4 (“I Carry Your Heart With Me”).

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1. Dead Oscar is causing all sorts of problems.


Oscar’s death at Valerie’s hand in last week’s episode is causing some serious problems for the Salvatore bros this week. Without Oscar, they have nothing to exchange for Sleeping Elena. But Damon isn’t willing to give up so easily. He convinces Bonnie Bennett and Alaric to use The Phoenix Stone on Oscar to bring him back to life. And it works, but also brings back a much less chill Oscar than we remember. Turns out Oscar is a total Ripper and kills an entire tour bus of ghost-peepers before Lily and Damon can secure him.

And something tells me unquenchable thirst won’t be the only side effect from losing one’s heart, then being brought back from the dead. Oscar seemed confused about who he was. Could Bonnie have brought someone else back by mistake in Oscar’s body?

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2. It wouldn’t be TVD without a dance.


And this dance is Halloween-themed. To distract Nora and Mary Louise from their mission to kill  a Whitmore College student every hour Oscar hasn’t been returned to them, Caroline and Stefan trick them into going to the college’s Halloween celebration. The plan semi-backfires on them when the ladies get in a lovers spat, worsening their mood and the likelihood of survival for every student.

We have to give this show a lot of credit for having successfully weaved Whitmore College into the show so subtly. Like Mystic Falls High School, Whitmore is not really a part of this show, but it does a fine enough job as serving as a consistent setting. Not so much at the beginning of Season 5, but, you know, now. But, seriously, if we were Whitmore College students, we’d get the heck out of Dodge. Odds are against all of them making it to graduation. The Fang Gang has just started accepting Whitmore student casualties as an occasional (or not-so-occasional) occurrence.

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3. Caroline is worried about Stefan’s feelings for Valerie — but she shouldn’t be.


As we learned last week, Valerie was Stefan’s first love and they never really had closure. Caroline is worried that, once Stefan sees her again, he will realize he still has feelings for the Heretic — even though Stefan insists he only has eyes for Caroline. Unfortunately, Caroline and Stefan can’t touch due to the vervain skin spell Valerie placed on Care. Frankly, it’s a mess, but one with a silver lining: Steroline is finally in a good place. They have admitted their feelings for one another. And nothing — not even the inability to touch — can change that.

Of course, touching is still, you know, nice. So Stefan kidnaps Mary Lou and Caroline uses her vervain hands on Nora to get her to syphon the spell away. Then, Steroline promptly falls into one another’s arms and it is pretty beautiful. Enjoy this Steroline heaven while it lasts, folks. No one is ever happy for long on this show. (But, seriously, how heart-melting was it to see Stefan smile as he held a sleeping Caroline in his arms? Answer: very heart-melting.)

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4. Bonnie is a badass — could she be the big bad in the flash forwards?


We’ve always known that Bonnie is a badass, but it is seemingly only recently that the show has fully embraced the reality. This season, Bonnie continues to be recognized for her awesomeness — most especially from Damon who, this week, tells his best friend: “You are officially the most terrifying person I know.”


In general, we are loving the Ric, Damon, and Bonnie hanging out storyline so hard. These three are definitely probably bringing on the apocalypse (or at least their own personal apocalypse) with this Phoenix Stone thing, but it is incredibly entertaining.

And can we talk about how Bonnie is one of the characters we still haven’t seen in the three year flash forwards? Could she be the person who is coming after the Fang Gang? It seems incredibly likely, especially given Damon’s comment on her being “terrifying” and all of her work with the Phoenix Stone. Personally, I’ve been waiting for Bonnie to pull a Willow for seven seasons now, so I am so for this.

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5. Damon gives Elena’s body to Tyler.

Um, since when did we start trusting Tyler Lockwood with important things?! Sure, it was nice to see his face, but let’s not all get caught up in the moment, you know? When Lily returns Elena’s body, she gives Damon a piece of advice: don’t cling so tightly to it. Both Elena and Damon are better off without Damon making all of his decisions about his sleeping lady love. So, Damon actually listens to her (aww — could their mother/son relationship be thawing?), and gives Elena’s coffin to Tyler to presumably be hidden away somewhere far away. Fine. We suppose this is a better plan than keeping her in the Mystic Falls crypt. This town is going to hell. Damon is even worried about Matt Donovan. That is how bad it has gotten.

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6. Enzo and Valerie team up.

In an unexpected move, Valerie actually confides in Enzo about murdering Oscar. Sure, he kind of coerces her into it, but it seems she is eager to confide in someone about how much she hates this Julian dude. And, given that Enzo totally hearts Lily, it is also in his best interest to keep Julian away. (It is also in his best interest to be honest with Lily, but when has that choice ever been taken by any character on this show?) The ep ends with Enzo asking Valerie how he can help in her efforts to keep Julian away.

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7. Flash forward: Alaric has twins.


In Flash Forward Land, Alaric may or may not be successful in bringing Jo back from the dead, but the twins he has three years in the future certainly suggest that he brought his unborn children back somehow. Wow. I did not see that coming. It also seems like he and Damon are at least somewhat estranged, given that Damon isn’t familiar to the twins. OK, I’ll say it: We are so into these flash forwards. Will we be getting an entire episode in this future? Because that would be awesome.


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