‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Premiere: 7 Burning Questions
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The Vampire Diaries

‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Premiere: 7 Burning Questions


The Vampire Diaries has finally returned and Season 7 is officially underway — but that doesn’t mean all our questions have been answered.


While we did get to see what Mystic Falls looks like in an extremely bleak Elena Gilbert-less world, there’s plenty of drama going on in town to keep us out of the mourning stage. Let’s tackle some of the questions still lingering after the October 8 premiere.


7. Where is everyone else in the time jump? Sure, we saw Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore running from some shadowy figure as the show jumped ahead three years and took us to Brooklyn, but where is everyone else? Please don’t tell us anything happened to the rest of the Mystic Falls crew! Hopefully we’ll find out next week.


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6. Will Enzo actually stay on Lily’s side? Enzo was forced to decide between our heroes and Lily Salvatore in terms of whose side he is actually on. After faking Caroline Forbes out, he made his decision clear when he jabbed a needle into her neck to knock her out. But is this all part of an elaborate plan and he’s actually still against Lily?


5. What does the scar mean? The scar Stefan revealed in the final moments of the episode looks exactly like the one Beau, one of the heretics, has. Thankfully, co-creator Julie Plec offered up some words of wisdom to Entertainment Weekly about the scar by saying it “all ties in to the mystery of who this weapon-wielding shadowy figure is.” More on that later.

4. Why was Damon asleep in the coffin? So far we’re not sure why Damon was asleep in the coffin at the beginning of the episode and wasn’t happy about Stefan waking him up before Elena is back. Perhaps he just gave up on living his day-to-day life or maybe he was put under some sort of spell. Either way, he’s awake now and dealing with some serious problems.

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3. What is this mysterious stone and how did Alaric get it? In the same EW interview as before, Julie revealed that this mysterious rock is actually something called a Phoenix Stone — which is giving us Harry Potter vibes already. Julie says this pink stone can do a lot of damage and, as of Episode 11 this season, it’s “still causing ripple effects.”


2. Who wants to kill the Salvatore brothers? Julie unfortunately didn’t offer up any spoilers about who is chasing the Salvatore brothers, but the way she spoke leads us to believe it isn’t their mother. That being said, we should all start a prayer circle for Stefan right now because this figure’s endgame is all tethered to the demise of the hero-haired vamp.

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1. Can Alaric actually bring Jo back to life? With the Other Side being gone for good, can Alaric actually bring Jo back? With something like the Phoenix Stone, we’d suspect the answer is a strong maybe, but Julie says he’ll have to “find a loophole.” Making us even more nervous, Julie says this quest is “filled with beauty and heartbreak and will actually serve as the jumping off point to a fairly major plot twist that will hit us in the sixth episode.”


The Vampire Diaries Season 7 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


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