7 Questions We Need Answered in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7
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The Vampire Diaries

7 Questions We Need Answered in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7


We still have a few (long) months until The Vampire Diaries is back in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we’re not thinking about all of the ways TVD could thrill, devastate, and entrance us in Season 7 — not to mention satisfy some long-held (and some short-held) curiosities we still have regarding Mystic Falls and its residents. Here are seven question we need answered in the upcoming season.


How has Elena’s absence affected her loved ones?


We don’t want TVD to dwell too long on the past. As tough as it was to see Nina Dobrev leave, we’re excited to see this show embrace its next chapter. That being said, we’re also curious to see the ways in which Elena Gilbert’s absence has affected this friend-group. In many ways, Elena was the person who brought all of these people together. What does the Mystic Falls social order look like without Ms. Gilbert? And how are Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett reacting without their loved one?

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Do Not Go Gentle
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Will Matt ever act on his anti-supernatural sentiments?


One of our favorite slowly-building story arcs on TVD is Matt Donovan’s rejection of Mystic Falls’ supernatural element. Though Matt has never been too keen on vampires and werewolves killing ordinary humans in the town and getting away with it, he has usually been swayed by the personal love he has for many of the vampires and werewolves in general. Last season, we began to see how even his love for his supernatural friends was becoming not enough. We’re dying to know when the scale is going to tip Matt into action against the supernatural community. Will it come in Season 7 — if not in the present-day storyline than in the flash forwards?


What happened to Mystic Falls?


Speaking of flash forwards, it sounds like we’ll be getting more of them in Season 7 a la the flash forward that ended Season 6. We’re dying to know what happens to Mystic Falls to make it look like such a post-apocalyptic deathscape. Is this the work of the heretics? Or Damon? Or is there a third scourge that has turned Mystic Falls into such a terrible place to live — even for the supernatural folk?

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How did Lily Salvatore become a vampire?


Mama Salvatore is back this season and we have our fingers crossed that we will be getting more flashbacks into her past (extra points if they include Baby Damon and Baby Stefan). We love pretty much all TVD flashbacks, but we’re particularly intrigued by the story of Lily’s transition into vampirism. From what we know, she died of tuberculosis, but who turned her into a vampire? Did Papa Salvatore know about it? And did Lily ever return to check on her sons after that first initial vampire visit that inspired her to run far away from Damon and Stefan?


What happened to Sarah Salvatore?


Is this still a thing or is the long-lost great niece of and Damon and Stefan Salvatore going to fade back into the woodwork. We weren’t overly impressed with Sarah’s storyline in Season 6, but we think the character has a lot of potential — especially given the ever-important theme of family that is sure to grow in prominence with Lily’s continued presence on the show.

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Will Steroline last?


Word on the street is that TVD Season 7 will employ a series of flash forwards into the lives of our favorite characters. We’re dying to know if Stefan and Caroline Forbes are an item in the future. After all, these vamps are immortal. Barring any unfortunate accidents, Steroline’s relationship could last awhile. Are these two going to be a flash-in-the-pan or something epic?


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How is Jeremy’s vampire-hunting going?


We know Steven R. McQueen has been cast on Chicago Fire, and we’re very happy for him, but we really hope he pops over to TVD every once in awhile — if only for poor, heartbroken Alaric’s sake. We’re also pretty curious about his vampire-hunting. It seems an odd choice given that this show has kind of established that vampires are not inherently evil — not to mention most of Jeremy’s loved ones are vamps — but we’re willing to see how this deal works. Frankly, we’re all for a Jeremy-centric episode that sees Elena’s little bro staking vamps and breaking hearts while exploring small town America. Backdoor pilot, anyone?

Vampire Diaries Season 7 premieres Thursday, October 8, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.