Vampire Diaries Speculation: How Will Bonnie React to the New Elena in Season 4?
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Vampire Diaries Speculation: How Will Bonnie React to the New Elena in Season 4?

After such a game-changing finale, things are about to be completely different in Mystic Falls. Season 4 will pick up right where we left off, with everyone dealing with the events of the Season 3 finale. Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore how we think The Vampire Diaries characters will react to Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) transformation.

While we think having vampire besties would be pretty cool (if a little nerve-wracking at meal times), not everyone is a fan of having fanged friends. Case in point: It took Bonnie (Kat Graham) a bit to warm up when Caroline (Candice Accola) started guzzling blood. But she’s been through it before, right? She’s used to having her friends turn into undead supernaturals by now...

Except we expect Bonnie to have a minor meltdown. Partly, she’ll be helping Klaus (Joseph Morgan) with his body issues, but she’s also going to be processing the loss of Elena’s life. Sure, Elena’s undead, but she still had a lot taken from her in the Season 3 finale. It sounds like the new vamp isn’t going to deal well, and odds are Bonnie is going to want to help her friend any way she can.

Executive producer Julie Plec told Wetpaint Entertainment that Bonnie makes a big decision in the first episode of Season 4 that continues to reverberate for the rest of the season. Dark magic, anyone? Bonnie’s used it before, and she’ll definitely go looking for more powerful spells.

Our guess is that Bonnie will want to cure Elena’s vampirism. Not in a Bill Forbes, I’m-going-to-torture-it-out-of-you kind way, but if there’s a magical solution, Bonnie will try everything in her substantial power to find it. (Julie Plec has said if there’s a cure for vampirism, someone would’ve found it by now, but we think she’s just trying to keep a few aces up her sleeve.)

One of the best things about Bonnie is her loyalty. She tries to protect her friends and fights to the brink of death (on an alarming number of occasions). Though she’s crossed the witches before, with Elena’s past life at stake, Bonnie probably won’t hesitate to transcend the boundary into dark magic. As for how she’ll come out on the other side... well, that might be a totally different story.

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