The Vampire Diaries

Alaric Saltzman

Arriving in Mystic Falls after Mr. Tanner bit it — or, more accurately, was bitten — history teacher Alaric “Ric” Saltzman was no stuffy scholar.

From his wife, Isobel, the history buff learned about vampires and other supernatural beings. She then disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and Alaric learned the tricks of the vampire-hunting trade. Though it turned out that his wife wasn’t actually dead, merely vampirized, Alaric moved on with Elena’s Aunt Jenna.

Alaric’s GF Jenna was turned into a vampire and murdered by the Original Vampire Klaus in Season 2. After spending a few days hiding inside a whiskey bottle following Jenna’s death, he quickly stepped up to watch out for the Gilbert kids.


Unfortunately for Alaric, his magical ring caused him to go mad. In Season 3, the Original witch, Esther, used him as a tool to try and kill her children (or, abominations, as she called them). Not only did he murder members of the Founder’s Council (including Caroline’s father, Bill) he tried to kill Meredith Fell, a doctor whom he’d been seeing. Esther turned Alaric into an Original vampire using a spell that tied his life to Elena’s. When she drowned going over Wickery Bridge, Alaric lost his life, too.


Before his death, Alaric killed Klaus (though the OV actually lives on) and told the Founder’s Council that Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes have been protecting their supernatural children.

Fast facts:

1. A graduate of Duke University, Alaric met his wife, Isobel, on campus.
2. His weapons of choice were those he made himself, including vervain tranquilizer darts.
3. As quick and clever as he was, one of the main reasons Alaric lasted so long in the supernatural world was the protection ring Isobel gave him.
4. During his life, Alaric was a fan of day-drinking with Damon and Chunky Monkey ice cream. 

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