Credit: Instagram

Get ready to set your desktop backgrounds to “smolder.” Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) tweeted a new poster for his  webseries,Time Framed, and does it look good!

Directed by Sinisha Nisevic and produced by Melissa Miller and SinFactorMedia, the series follows Ian's character, secret agent Truman Black. As he investigates the theft of a world-changing, infinite, clean-energy source, Truman gets ensnared in a deadly web of corporate conspiracies. Actor Seymour Cassel, who’s also featured on the poster, plays the inventor of the technology.

Director Sinisha Nisevic praised not only Ian’s acting, but his commitment to environmental causes, which inspired the series. "Somerhalder is smart and thrilling,” says Sinsha. “His real-life passion for the environment comes to fruition through his powerful performance."

Enjoy the poster and check out the trailer below for all the sexy action. Visit the Time Framed website for more info.

Source: Instagram, Time Framed

Credit: YouTube Photo: Ian Somerhalder Plays Secret Agent in Time Framed