Eek! Spooky The Vampire Diaries spoilers from TV Guide!

This isn’t Mystic Falls’ first interaction with ghosts, but could it last longer than Season 3’s haunting? In The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 22, “The Walking Dead,” Bonnie (Kat Graham) drops the veil so she can chit chat with Qetsiyah about how to take out Silas. According to a new interview with executive producer Julie Plec from TV Guide, the ancient witch doesn’t come over alone.

We know of at least one (very angry) dead supernatural who crosses the threshold: Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic). So for how long can we expect to see his adorable face? “Operation Drop and Raise the Veil hits a bit of a snag so we have some ghosts who linger beyond the one episode,” teases Julie, not naming any names. “I think they would all like to [stay permanently]. The question of whether or not it's feasible hinges on the plot of the next two episodes.”

There are unconfirmed rumors that one of the ghosts may stick around permanently. Recently, a fan asked Julie Plec on Twitter which character she’d like to resurrect for good. “Alaric, obvi,” she wrote.

Obvi, indeed! Of course, Alaric fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high. Matt Davis’s new show, Cult, was recently canceled by The CW, but that’s no guarantee he’ll return to Mystic Falls in Season 5.

We can dream, though!

Source: TV Guide