In  The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 23, “Graduation,”  Elena (Nina Dobrev) finally comes to a decision about the Salvatore brothers. And while Nina Dobrev thinks her character should choose to have a little “me” time, Elena will actually opt for one over the other. Will Season 5 be the year of Delena or Stelena? Well, for all you who ‘ship the newbie vamp with the elder brother, here’s a Delena spoiler roundup for the Season 4 finale.

Before they think of getting romantic, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) has to deal with a ghost who’s plaguing him.

There are some “romantic” moments — but are the between Damon and Elena?

But whatever Elena says to Damon, executive producer Julie Plec teases, “what it will do is cement their relationship — or lack thereof — once she comes clean with a sense of at least semi-permanence, if not permanence.”

She adds, “"We will know, when the finale is over, where everyone stands in the context of the Stefan/Damon/Elena triangle. It will definitely set all three of them on a very different and interesting path when we move forward."

Hopefully we’ll get a clearer answer on whether the sire bond is broken.

There will at least be cause for concern. Something happens to Damon, and Elena helps take care of him.