Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) is one half of the sexiest set of siblings this side of Smoldertown. The witty bloodsucker has a brother, the broody Stefan (Paul Wesley), but does he have a sister?

One Vampire Diaries fan was just dying to know this question, so we thought we’d answer. As far as we know, nope. There are just the two Salvatore brothers. It’s a shame. Once Giuseppe and Mrs. Salvatore saw how gorgeous their offspring were, they really should’ve made a few more.

Of course, having a lil’ sis running underfoot might complicate matters for the brothers. For one thing, we doubt Katherine (Nina Dobrev) would’ve turned her. Two siblings is enough for even that girl to handle!

Now that we have that settled, let’s address another possibility. When the fan asked about Damon’s sister, there may have been some confusion and perhaps the inquiring mind wanted to know if Ian Somerhalder has a sister.

In that case, the answer is yes! Her name is Robyn, and you can check out some photos of Ian hanging with her here. Oh, and he also has a brother!

And as for getting more Salvatores on TVD, maybe they have some distant, equally hot cousins in the Old Country?