It wouldn’t be a long, painful summer hiatus without a ton of Vampire Diaries cliffhangers to ponder. Season 4’s finale didn’t disappoint, leaving us with more questions than answers. Check out the moments that will leave us guessing all summer!

Silas is Stefan’s doppelganger
What is this sorcery? How did this happen? Why are there so many doppelgangers? Does Silas have more of them? Do we have doppelgangers? Based on Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Katherine’s (Nina Dobrev) lineage, does this mean Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Silas are related? Also, how was Tatia, the first Petrova, created? Is she immortal, too? Answer us, Julie Plec!

Who will have Katherine now?
Speaking of the new human, how is she going to survive this? Literally every friend she has in the world was compelled to like her. Now that Katherine has lost her fangs, she won’t be able to use any of her usual vampire tricks to get her way. If she’s been relying on the (compelled) kindness of strangers, it might be time for Kat to brush up on her people skills.

Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) is alive — in a town where he’s supposed to be dead
“Where’s Jeremy,” April Young (Grace Phipps) has been asking for months. Now she’ll finally get an answer. Sure, there was a memorial for the fallen Gilbert, but this is Mystic Falls! No one asks questions when people disappear nightly or teenagers do shots of bourbon at the bar. Maybe the Sheriff will arrest him for faking his own death? Or he can pretend to have amnesia.

Tyler’s welcome back in Mystic Falls
Caroline (Candice Accola) has been waiting for the day her boyfriend, Tyler (Michael Trevino), could return home. He’d been banished by Klaus (Joseph Morgan), but with the OV headed to New Orleans, it sounds like the former hybrid minion can go home again. Take that, Thomas Wolfe! Unfortunately, Ty doesn’t have much to go back to. Caroline will be at school; his mother is deceased (RIP, Mayor Lockwood), and he gave his house away. Plus, with all the time he’s been away from Mystic Falls, he’ll probably need to repeat his senior year.

Why will Rebekah leave for New Orleans?
Right now, Rebekah (Claire Holt) would rather spend her family’s millions of dollars taking Matt (Zach Roerig) to the Great Wall of China than play auntie to Klaus’s baby. But she’s definitely going to have a change of heart. The only question is, what will bring it about? (The first picture of the baby’s wolfish grin?)

Credit: TV Guide Photo: Will Rebekah and Klaus Make Up on The Originals?