Credit: Facebook Photo: Shannon Guess and Nathaniel Richardson

No one may actually remember seeing Shannon Guess as a student on The Vampire Diaries — never mind as a waitress on Drop Dead Diva or a zombie on The Walking Dead — but they may remember her as The Ricin Wife.

Last week, we learned the pregnant actress’s husband, Army veteran Nathaniel Richardson, was being questioned by the FBI over ricin-laced letters sent to President Barack Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Shannon reportedly told authorities she found a container of ricin in their refrigerator. However, during questioning, Nathaniel said his wife — a thrice-married mother of five — cooked up the scheme and set him up.

“He says they are going through a divorce and that she was away for a few days,” one law-enforcement source told the New York Post. “He says it was when she got back that she found the [purported] ricin.”

In addition to finding the ricin, Shannon also reportedly told authorities she discovered directions on “how to make ricin” in the house, and somebody had Googled Obama and Bloomberg on the home computer. Castor beans, used to make ricin, were found in Nathaniel’s car; a source said they were purchased with a credit card, and Nathaniel countered that he didn’t use credit cards.

Both husband and wife were reportedly given polygraph tests, so hopefully we’ll get some answers on this instead of more questions and accusations. Still, those poor kids! And another one on the way. Yikes.

Source: New York Post