Credit: MTV © and TM MTV Network Photo: Gideon Emery in Teen Wolf Season 3

Ladies, gentlemen, werewolves, and hunters everywhere, it’s almost time! Time for what? Time for Teen Wolf Season 3! Time for loads of Teen Wolf spoilers about the premiere and episodes to come! The season is literally just hours away from popping off — and the influx of dish and dirt that’s coming our way as the time approaches is enough to keep each and every tab in our browsers open. But never fear, we’re doing that so you don’t have to.

Are you ready to Alpha? That’s like rumbling, but with a pack of werewolves comprised entirely of werewolves, in case you were wondering. Who exactly are the Alphas? Word around the water cooler is that there are twins — Ethan and Aiden (presumably foxy), another one named Kali who is ten kinds of scary, and a leader named Deucalion. We can’t wait to get to know them better.

Credit: MTV Photo: Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer: How Do You Defeat the Alphas?
Credit: MTV © and TM MTV Network Photo: Holland Roden in Teen Wolf Season 3

Colton Haynes may be gone — but his leaving is going to be quickly explained and for all you devoted Jackson darlings never fear, the explanation allows for the vague hope (#longliveJacksonsabs) that he could one day return to Beacon Hills. The abs are dead (in spirit), long live the abs (in spirit and actuality.)

Time Jump! The show jumps forward four months, which is bound to make for interesting moments for the audience. Will Allison and Scott be weird with each other? Will Lydia have corrected her status as Beacon Hills High’s queen bee? Has Scott been held back? Last time I checked, failing three classes will do that to you. And finally, WHAT WILL BE HAPPENING WITH STILES’S HAIR? (That is perhaps the most important question of them all.)

Scott’s going to be a little bit darker this season, Tyler Posey dished in a recent interview. As much as we love seeing Scott’s goofy and romantic sides, watching him go to a different place is bound to be riveting. In the same interview, Posey mentioned there’d be a lot more action this season. Plus, with the reveal that there are two types of Alphas, the odds are high that Scott will one day join their ranks. Let the battle begin!