Credit: MTV © and TM MTV Network Photo: Crystal Reed in Teen Wolf Season 3

Things are getting a little hairy — maybe too hairy — for Allison (Crystal Reed) on MTV’s hit series Teen Wolf.

She’s getting caught in a love triangle between Scott (Tyler Posey) and Isaac (Daniel Sharman), the show’s two most eligible werewolves. After Allison and Scott broke up at the end of season 2, die-hard fans are hoping to see the couple get back together in season 3.

"I think there’s always hope, and I think they really love each other deep down," Crystal said, offering hope for the sexy couple. "But sometimes people are just at two different places in their lives, and I think they both have to grow up a little bit — a lot of bit — before they can be back together. But they’re still really good friends, and I think there’s still something [between them.]"

But, as it usually goes with teen love, a wrench has been thrown into the plans. And this isn’t your ordinary wrench, it’s a very handsome one. It was a suggested in an extended look at the rest of the season that Allison could be turning to Isaac for a rebound.

"They come together… to… find the bad guys?" she said hesitantly. "You know I can’t tell you anything, but I think the little bit they [showed in the preview] is enough to make people [gasp]."

It goes without saying, but this season should definitely be interesting.

Source: Hollywood Life

Credit: Hollywood Reporter/The CW Photo: Teen Wolf Season 3 Opening Credits: Screams and Zombie Hands!