Credit: MTV © and TM MTV Network Photo: Teen Wolf Season 3: Cast Promo Photos Revealed!

Teen Wolf won the lottery — again! Season 3 just premiered on June 3, but money is already being put aside for Teen Wolf Season 4.

The MTV show started filming in Atlanta before moving to Los Angeles, and apparently that move is paying off. According to Deadline, Teen Wolf Season 4 is one of the 31 projects picked this year in California's $100 million film and TV tax credit lottery. This is the second year that Teen Wolf has received a tax credit from the program. It was picked last year as a relocating TV series, which reportedly made it automatically eligible this year under the California Film Commission's rules.

At any rate, this is a quiet way of announcing the existence of Teen Wolf Season 4, before MTV officially renews the show for a fourth season. It’s possible something could go horribly wrong to stop Season 4 from happening … but … Season 3, Episode 1 was the show's most-watched episode ever, so it was already a safe bet that Teen Wolf would return for Season 4. The Teen Wolf ratings for the Season 3 premiere were reportedly up 15 percent from Season 2, and The Powers That Be must already be hoping for even better numbers for Season 4. Plus they get another tax break! Some packs have all the luck.

Source: Deadline