We often hear about Hollywood celebs and their ridiculous diva-like behavior, but Nina Dobrev has never been one of them... Until now?

The Vampire Diaries actress is currently in Atlanta filming the new comedy Let’s Be Cops, and judging by this photo, she needs to be whipped into shape!

“Ms. @ninadobrev!! Set has been waiting on you for 20 minutes! Don’t make me get physical,” tweeted production assistant Ty Armstead.

“Ok, that’s it. Imma have to get physical now,” he added, while pushing her out of her trailer.

Now, lest you think Nina has crossed over to the dark side, just know it was all a joke! “#hahaha #justkidding #constantprofessional,” Ty wrote.

We expect nothing less than perfect behavior from our favorite TV vamp, but we certainly do appreciate the silly sense of humor!