Credit: Instagram/Ian Somerhalder Photo: Ian Somerhalder.jpg

Just when you think Ian Somerhalder can’t do anything to make himself more appealing to us, the loyal fans, he instagrams a picture of himself with Doctor Who vet, Noel Clark, causing the hearts of fans around the world to explode from the sheer amount awesome contained in one photo. And what’s the occasion for these two dashing dudes to be hanging out together? That’s right a movie!

The two buds smile at the camera, holding up a picture of rice and soy sauce that reads, “Soy Happy Together.” The photo was snapped on the set of their new project, The Anomaly, a sci-fi thriller now shooting in London. I can’t even with this. I had to look at this photo, pass out from the dreaminess, wake back up, look at it, pass out again, and then wake up once more if only to share the adorable with you fine folks.

We can’t wait to check out the movie. Set against the backdrop of the London riots of 2011, the flick is also being directed by Clarke and also stars film vet Brian Cox, and gives Luke Hemsworth his first starring role! Clarke, with his company, Unstoppable Entertainment, is also producing.

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