Well, this is enough to make us blush! According to numerous tweets from Insurgence 5, The Vampire Diaries convention held last weekend in Birmingham, England, Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) admitted to going commando in a certain scene from The CW show.

Fans now have yet another reason to revisit the Season 1, Episode 6 scene when Damon and Vicki Donovan (Kayla Ewell) dance around. Not only was Ian showing off his torso with an unbuttoned shirt, he admits he decided to ditch the underwear, too!

We wonder if Kayla knew that! When ClevverTV asked her about the infamous moment where she frolicked around in her underwear and a tank top, she said, “It was a crazy, awesome scene.”

While Ian opted for no underwear, Kayla went in the opposite direction and went with the most conservative pair she could find! She said, “They let me choose what underwear I got to wear, so I tried to pick something that was more covered. I also put in a request with the director that he could not do a lot of butt shots.”

Tell the truth. Have you already checked out the two of them dancing in the video below — and are you seeing it in a whole new light?

Source: Twitter