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Well, this is a terrible thing to happen on vacation... or anytime, really. Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert), who’s been relaxing on a much-needed trip after her jam-packed year filming The Vampire Diaries, tweeted that someone stole her Phone!

But that doesn’t mean she’s taking things lying down. In her tweet, she reminded the thief that this dastardly deed won’t go unpunished: “Dear Person Who Stole My Phone: You suck. You are a terrible individual+karma will come back and bite you. Hard. Sleep well knowing that. Xo.” We adore that she ends the message with an “XO.” You gotta love her for that!

The missing phone might explain why Nina’s been so Twitter silent. It’s been about a week since she landed in Maui and hasn’t tweeted anything since. Hopefully she has a replacement, because since last night, she’s back to her usual tweet-happy self. She even sent out a pic of her fabulous nails!

Her picture quote of the day from last night was pretty spectacular as well. She wrote, “Life is deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims, and rambling conversations.”

That’s it. We’re basing the heroine in our young adult novel on Nina.

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