It’s been a while since we’ve worshipped at the altar of Daniel Gillies’s (Elijah) Twitter. (‘Twas his birthday, if we remember accurately.) Regardless, it’s time to start again, because he is very, very enthusiastic about Kim Kardashian’s baby.

Well, it’s not just her baby. It’s also Kanye West’s. And the world’s. If you’ve been living off the grid for the past six months or so, you may not know that Kimye welcomed a baby girl, reportedly named North, on June 15. Daniel has held his tongue on the subject until last night, when he went on Twitter to explain why the event is so momentous.

When one of his followers asked if Daniel is an atheist, he replied, “no. god is finally here and her name is north west.” Whoa. Is this the real reason Kanye’s latest album is called Yeezus? Mind blown.

But yes. The kid’s name is North West. We can only hope that Daniel — whose wife, Rachael Leigh Cook, is pregnant with their first child — will be as clever in naming his own baby. May we suggest Fish Gillies? Or Willy Gillies? Gillor B. Gillies?

Source: Twitter