Is The Vampire DiariesCandice Accola pregnant? Well, unless she’s pulling a fast one on us, it seems the rumors are not true!

Candice, who recently became engaged to The Fray guitarist Joe King, has been plagued by pregnancy gossip in recent weeks after fans started posting on Twitter and Facebook that she was spotted with a baby bump at a Vampire Diaries convention. Although she hasn’t responded directly to the fan reports she is knocked up, Candice found a not-so-subtle way of denying the rumors with her own Twitter post.

After the normally chatty Candice Accola was dead quiet on Twitter from June 5 to June 18, fans who had heard the rumors she was pregnant were really starting to believe they might be true. Fuel was added to the fire when Vampire Diaries co-star Arielle Kebbel congratulated Candice on Twitter for something — weeks after she announced her engagement. Arielle might have just been late to the party, but some theorized she was congratulating Candice for getting pregnant.

Well, while Candice Accola has not directly addressed the pregnancy rumors, she obviously can’t ignore them. So when The Vampire Diaries star posted several photos of her holding a glass full of Midori Melon Liqueur on Twitter and Instagram, we took the hint.

In the first pic, Candice gives a shout out to her fiance, saying “Love means missing the first three quarters of game 7 to cheer on your other Half. Thank you @JoseKingSeco for being my man <3”

The second photo is a close up of Candice’s hand wearing her gorgeous engagement ring, wrapped around a drink next to a bottle of Midori. The caption reads, “So much to celebrate :) cheers!!! #midorihappy #thankful”

So either the whole pregnant Candice Accola thing is just a big nothing spurred on by a bunch of over enthusiastic fans, or she’s really, really smart about figuring out a way to dispel the gossip with a few carefully staged pics. Yes, we are conspiracy theorists at heart. But seriously, Twitter and Facebook are the sources source of all kinds of wild and crazy rumors.

So remember next time you see news that someone is pregnant, dead, arrested or likes strawberry jelly — be wary because it very likely isn’t true!